Múses: the Academy of Essences and the scent of beauty

Múses – l’Accademia europea delle Essenze di Savigliano, in Piemonte - European Academy of Essences

A visit to Múses – the European Academy of Essences in Savigliano, Piedmont – promises the thrill of an incredible, sensorial journey in the world of perfumes, whose history and mystery will envelop and seduce you.

History: because perfume has motivated some of the greatest historic endeavors. King Alexander the Great went to the Far East conquered the East “to source the best aromatic plants, which flourished in the sunny regions of Asia. His expedition was followed closely by traders and marauders, as well as experts in botany, medicine, geography, and philosophy. It revealed to the world a road for perfume and spices, leading to Arabia and India” (translated from “L’homme et le parfum”, in “Encyclopédie de la Pléiade”, “Histoire des moeurs”).

Mystery: because perfumes are based on evanescent elements. “Flowers, ephemeral par excellence, could be born again – like the famous Arabian bird – from their ashes, through alchemistic magic and ingenious metamorphoses: the distillation of their deciduous body into a scented soul. […] Flowers could be transformed and regenerated by fire, and resurrect into a new life, relive in distilled form, pared down to pure essence, to the sweetest of volatile auras, to a scented ghost” (translated from Piero Camporesi, “Le officine dei sensi”, Garzanti, Milan 1991).

The history and mystery of perfume – as well as the art and technology of perfume making – await in the beautiful Múses.

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November 9, 2015

Múses: the Academy of Essences and the scent of beauty

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