Museion, temple of art

Every evening, the Museion – the museum of modern and contemporary art in Bolzano – appears as a transparent, cubic shell, as the evocative images of works of art are projected onto its walls, like echoes of the sound of creativity.

Founded in 1985, in 2008 the Museion opened in this new location, becoming a place where people can create and meet, a dynamic and interdisciplinary museum – and indeed “museion” was the temple of all the Muses. It is particularly keen on contemporary artistic codes of expression, and especially aware of the function of linguistic structures in art. “Language in Art” and the “Archivio di Nuova Scrittura” (literally, “archives of new writing”) are indeed two of the ten areas in which the extensive museum collection is divided (others that stand out are “Painting”, “Graphics”, “Light in art”, “Three-dimensionality”).

Of course this post-modern temple of the Muses could not do without exhibition areas, educational workshops, a library, a cafe and a bookshop, but there is also the Casa Atelier – a residence for artists and curators, as well as an art laboratory and studio.

And every night the temple wondrously lights up, with the brilliant sounds of creativity.

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December 11, 2013

Museion, temple of art

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