Mozart and the Antique Piano Museum in Ala

Palazzo de’ Pizzini, ad Ala – Trento – Museo del Pianoforte antico - Ancient Piano Museum

Palazzo de’ Pizzini, in Ala (Trento) – currently home to the Antique Piano Museum – once welcomed the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Towards the end of October in 1772, the 27-year-old composer came to Italy for the third time with his father Leopold. The young prodigy sat at the organ and filled the rooms of this patrician palace with music.

A few years later, Mozart would be captivated by the charm of the piano, then a wonderful invention by Padua-born Bartolomeo Corelli, who had fine-tuned his fist instrument at the end of the 17th century.

Mozart’s talent soon became legendary all around Europe, and his 1780s’ tours between Germany, France, England, Holland, Switzerland and Italy brought him immense success: according to musicologist Stuart Isacoff, “Mozart’s concerts marked the birth of modern concerts and transformed the piano from obscure curiosity to essential companion for any musician.”

After that, the piano started a long and fascinating history – which is told every day at Ala’s Museum, also thanks to the presence of pianist Temenuschka Vesselinova, who brings extraordinary life to this beautiful destination.

December 14, 2016

Mozart and the Antique Piano Museum in Ala

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