Molinetto della Croda against fatigue

Molinetto della Croda, Refrontolo, Treviso

Molinetto della Croda, in the Lierza Valley (in Refrontolo, in the province of Treviso), is an old, 17th-century watermill that remained in operation until the second half of 1900s.

The rural, wood and stone structure rises near a rocky spur, where the Lierza stream used to hit its wheel paddles.

Today, Molinetto della Croda – which also includes a stable, a granary, and a keeper’s house – is home to an interesting milling museum, explaining the different phases in the production of cornmeal for polenta.

Watermills were praised as far back as the 1st century BC, by Antipater of Thessalonica, who highlighted how the invention usefully lightened the burden on human workers: Hold back your hand from the mill, you grinding girls; even if the cockcrow heralds the dawn, sleep on. For Demeter has imposed the labors of your hands on the nymphs, who leaping down upon the topmost part of the wheel, rotate its axle; with encircling cogs, it turns the hollow weight of the Nisyrian millstones. If we learn to feast toil-free on the fruits of the earth, we taste again the golden age.

Toil-free, you can watch and learn.

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May 28, 2015

Molinetto della Croda against fatigue

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