Moleria Locchi: invisible wounds and transparent beauty

Moleria Locchi Firenze

French poet Sully Proudhomme (1901 Nobel prize in Literature) ended his famous “Le vase brisé” (“The Broken Vase”) with these beautiful verses: “Though to the world our life seems whole, / The hidden wound is unforgot; / It grows and weeps within the soul: / The heart is broken – touch it not.”

Perhaps the craftsmen working at Moleria Locchi appreciate this lyric – written in words as fragile as the vase it speaks about – more than anyone else. For over one hundred years, their Florentine workshop (in Via del Burchiello, San Frediano) has been the best place to bring calyxes, cruets, glasses and candle holders that need to heal their wounds.

These master artisans also make new, refined crystal objects, inspired by a wide range of styles.

Maybe the beauty of their work can mend our broken hearts as well.

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July 7, 2014

Moleria Locchi: invisible wounds and transparent beauty

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