Mezzano and artful stacks

Mezzano, canzei, cataste di legna, Trento, Mezzano romantica - Romantic Mezzano, stacks of wood

Know as “canzei” in the local dialect, stacks of wood are built by people living in the mountains to prepare for the cold winter weather. And indeed, every year in Mezzano – one of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy”, located in the province of Trento in the Primero Valley, surrounded by the Dolomites – winter brings freezing temperatures and snow.

Writer and climber Mauro Corona has explained that “in the mountains, everyone has a stack of wood for the winter. Even those who have diesel fuel heating still set aside some logs for the oven or stove. Because what are you going to warm up with if you run out of fuel? Wood, on the other hand, never runs out” (translated from “Il canto delle manére”, Mondadori, Milan 2010).

For the past few years, in Mezzano the “canzei” have also taken on a new and surprising role, turning into canvases for artists from the whole world.

Let’s brave the cold and walk around these wonderful open-air picture gallery….

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January 25, 2017

Mezzano and artful stacks

Mezzano (Trento)
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