Mercato del Campo: Siena brings back to life the 1300s

On 1-2 December 2018, Siena will return to its origins for a weekend, bringing medieval customs and traditions back to life with the historical re-enactment of the “mercato grande” – the Tuscan city’s main marketplace at the time.
Immersed in this Medieval atmosphere, Siena’s excellent culture, food and wine and craftsmanship will take center stage, drawing inspiration from products of the past and expressing the local territory in all of its unique facets. The event will center around Piazza del Campo, with 150 booths laid out according to the same rules set forth by authorities in the 14th century, as recorded in the 1309 Costituto Senese (the first constitution to regulate daily urban life in a vernacular language).

Take the first weekend in December to explore Siena’s medieval market, organized into categories and divided into two main areas: one for food and one for craftsmanship. For two days, the city center will once again be the beating heart of daily activities in this beautiful corner of Tuscany, where relationships were built, deals made and life lived – in all of its simplicity.

This year – which the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities has dedicated to Italian food – “Mercato del Campo” will highlight events about food and wine, with performances by Michelin-starred chefs and local wine tastings. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit Siena and discover its most ancient roots.

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November 13, 2018

Mercato del Campo: Siena brings back to life the 1300s

Piazza del Campo