Maxxi, a new millennium in Rome

The XXI century is embedded right in the name of Rome’s Maxxi – an attractive acronym that synthesizes the full name “National Museum of the 21st Century Arts”.

Introducing the newborn third millennium and its evolving art and architecture to the Eternal City could never be an easy challenge, especially when the goal is to not remain within the boundaries of theoretical and abstract speculation, but instead to create a great, tangible work of contemporary art, and to integrate it into the complex urban scenario of Rome.

Thus, when in 2010 the 27,000-square-meter complex – designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid – opened in the Flaminio quarter, the lively discussion that ensued between its loathers and lovers was to be expected: modernity, contamination, art within a work of art, the relationship about a container and its content… these were only a few of the themes on the table. A debate about beauty was sparked.

Inside Maxxi – officially “a place for cultural innovation […], a laboratory for artistic experimentation, a machine for the production of aesthetic materials of our time” – there are art and architecture museums, workshops, galleries, graphics and photography collections. And much more.

What a great open space, that is open even to the most intense debates about beauty.

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December 10, 2013

Maxxi, a new millennium in Rome

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