Massimo Listri’s “Happy Eye” on display in Franco Maria Ricci’s Labyrinth

A show of Massimo Listri’s photographs is being held until June 5th, 2016 at the Masone Labyrinth created by Franco Maria Ricci in Fontanellato, Parma.

“The Happy Eye” showcases Listri’s works on large panels in the maze, inviting viewers into the Florentine photographer’s wonderful, metaphysical world: libraries, Renaissance and rococo galleries, museums and Wunderkammern where every trace of human life has vanished.

In a way, Listri’s images evoke Guido Morselli’s outstanding novel, “Dissipatio H.G.”, in which the main character suddenly realizes he is alone in his city, as everyone else has disappeared in a quiet mass desertion: “They did not run away like the people of Pompeii. Nor were they burnt to ashes like those of Hiroshima. They left some other way.”

The novel’s protagonist wanders around a perfectly intact metropolis – “nothing violent happened to the small tables outside the Odeon Café, nor to its Jugenstil façade” –, where “the flags lined up along the Kirsaal terrace stupidly cheer me alone. And the geraniums crowding the City Hall building, the traffic light winking at the entrance to Market Square…”

Everything is filled with the memory of the men who were behind the very creation of these places – just like these extraordinary photographs, full of a silence that is worth listening to, carefully.

April 18, 2016

Massimo Listri’s “Happy Eye” on display in Franco Maria Ricci’s Labyrinth

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