Marsala’s salt pond

Marsala’s Salt Pond – amongst big and small dunes, white with salt – is home to wonderful forms of life, both animal and plant, that may go unnoticed at first glance. For example, the “Calendula maritima”, with her slender, packed yellow petals, grows here and in only a handful of other places in the world.

Yet the beauty of the Sicilian lagoon, of its low, motionless pools, and of its mills – guarding the work of man, as for centuries he patiently gathered the fruit of marine evaporation from these stagnant places – is plain to see even for the most superficial observer.

A sunset or sunrise instantly shed light on the secret of a splendor that grows out of slowness; a gust of wind suggests how wonder never hurries; an hour’s ‘siesta’ in the afternoon, on a pier jutting out to a mirror of water, proves how amazing the suspension of time can truly be.

Beauty and conservation, amazement and slowness.

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December 12, 2013

Marsala’s salt pond

Marsala (Tp)