Markus Brunetti: the silence in churches

Siena, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, 2008–2017,

Siena, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, 2008–2017,

Munich-born photographer Markus Brunetti loves details – the ones often lost in the background noise. So, in his painstaking work, we can say he retrieves silence.

He has found silence in the façades of the most beautiful churches in Europe: the basilicas, cathedrals and sanctuaries where he shed light on small architectural elements that are usually overlooked – like invisible stone sculptures on the sides of a stained glass window, or the finest intaglio work on richly decorated doors.

He has spent up to a whole year observing the same façade, creating thousands of high-resolution photographs, one day after the other.

Then, in post-production, he has each image lose its “noisy” contemporary elements – tourists, lampposts and cars – and sews them all into a peculiar, hyper-realistic interpretation of the original subject in its entirety, with each detail in perfect focus.

In front of Brunetti’s images – which vary between 1.8-by-1.5 and 3-by-1.5 meters each – the viewer is transported back in time, as if facing the building on the very day it was inaugurated.

In this gallery, we’ve selected for you some of the pieces this talented German artist has created in Italy.

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January 25, 2019