Mario Berta Battiloro’s Venetian splendor


“Gold to fire / proves its every splendor”: Pindar wrote these verses (Nemean IV) to describe the victories of young fighter Timisarchus of Aegina, but they may also be taken at face value – as becomes clear observing craftsmen at work, day after day, in Mario Berta Battiloro’s Venice workshop.

From fusion to rolling, from filling to beating, from cutting to packaging, gold relentlessly proves its splendor.

The Venetian company – founded in 1926 – has turned the precious metal into masterpieces since 1969, with gold for art and decoration, cosmetics and food.

Its thin leaves, available in different gauges, are used by glassmakers, mosaic and icon artists, painters, sculptors, restorers, gilders and calligraphers … but also by anyone seeking for a rejuvenating effect on their body or an added touch of extraordinary – and edible – beauty on their food.

Here is gold, proving all of its splendor once again.

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November 16, 2018

Mario Berta Battiloro’s Venetian splendor

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