Margherita chair by Albini: dream and rest

Franco Albini Margherita Armchair

The German writer Gabriele Tergit – born Elise Hischmann (1894-1982) – thought “sitting in a garden is a dream, a dream of quiet and rest”. Rest after a hard day, a hard year, or even one’s “whole life”.

The Margherita chair is one of the objects that the Lombard architect and designer Franco Albini (1905-1977) created to “suspend” things and people. A garden would be the perfect setting for it, also considering its name (which means “daisy” in Italian). Sitting on this rattan and reed structure gives you the confidence to abandon every thought to the suspension of a dream… the dream of taking a break – just for a while – from the incredible, but sometimes tiring journey that is life.

Designed in the early 1950s for Bonacina, the Margherita chair won first place at the 9th Milan Triennale in 1951. The MoMA in New York City, the Museum of Art in Philadelphia, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal showcase this beautiful chair.

Just looking at it, we feel like sitting down to rest and dream…

July 16, 2014