Marco Biassoni’s comical zoo

Marco Biassoni, Animali - Animals

More “mature” Italians certainly remember the famous “Caroselli” that advertised Pavesi products between 1964 and 1975. “Carosello” was a TV show meant to appeal to children, but entertained the whole family right before the little ones were sent off to bed. In particular, Pavesi’s ads were black and white cartoons featuring a funny and plump King Arthur, having all kinds of odd adventures.

The series was created by Marco Biassoni (Genoa, 1930-Milan, 2002), a director and illustrator with a long-standing passion for graphic design (in the early years of his career, he had worked as a commercial artists, meeting artists such as Emanuele Luzzati, Dario Bernazzoli and Ettore Veruggio).

Biassoni was interested in cinema, theater, but also comic books – which inspired him to create various funny characters, such as “Il Prode Anselmo” (literally, “the valiant Anselmo”) for a long-running series on Milan’s daily newspaper “Il Giorno”.

He worked in advertisement his whole life, taking on projects for some of the most important brands in Italy and in the world, including Perugina, Knorr, Total, Shell, Barilla, and J&B.

Finally, he wrote a number of books – some of them for children – and was one of the first members of the Associazione Nazionale Umoristi, founded in 1998.

Here is a selection of his drawings on animals, making up a really comical zoo.

October 1, 2014