Marcello Dudovich paints a great picture of Venice

Marcello Dudovich illustrazioni Venezia - Venice illustrations

You can see Venice come to life in posters, postcards, books, and magazines in the vibrant colors in Marcello Dudovich’s creations.

His characters look out from the covers of “Lettura”, the monthly published by “Corriere della Sera”, for which the Trieste-born artist worked in two periods between 1908 and 1933. At the time, Dudovich was only one of the many famous names that brought their talent to the Milanese periodical, including Bruno Angoletta, Segio Tofano, Scarpelli, Mazza, Bonzagni, Beltrame…

Dudovich’s illustrations were also showcased on “Simplicissimus”, the German magazine that published his series of reportages on high society lifestyle in Europe’s most fashionable locations. The Italian correspondent had to include Venice, of course.

“Il Secolo XX”, the “popular illustrated magazine” founded in 1902 by Milanese publisher Treves, entrusted Dudovich with the publication’s frontispieces. The monthly’s collaborators included no less than Rodolfo Paoletti, Duilio Cambellotti, Enrico Sacchetti, Luigi Bompard, and Filiberto Mateldi.

Among all the postcards and poster bills, the ones created in the 1920s and 1930s for the Venetian branch of Generali – the insurance company headquartered in Trieste – stand out.

Welcome to Venice, as seen with eyes of great talent.

December 17, 2015

Marcello Dudovich paints a great picture of Venice