MAR-Miniera Argentiera: augmented reality for an open-air museum

Located in North-West Sardinia, 43km from Sassari and 34 from Alghero, with its hills and silver schist cliffs Argentiera is one of the most outstanding villages on the island in terms of beauty and varied landscape.

Now it also happens to be home to the first open-air museum about minerals to adopt augmented reality technology: MAR-Miniera Argentiera, which rises where a lead, zinc and iron mine was active until 1963, with most of its structures made in wood.

The museum inaugurated at the end of July, thanks to the support of the Sassari municipality and the collaboration of LandWorks. It showcases a mix of mining history and heritage, with the opportunity for artistic exploration offered by technological innovation. It all makes for an “open, liquid museum” that connects public, private, open and closed spaces, with a constantly evolving experience.

The itinerary begins by visiting the permanent exhibition at the old Laveria (where processing raw minerals began) and learning the story of the historical mining village; it then develops across the main buildings and ruins in the site, which is populated by art installations by Francesco Clerici, Adolfo Di Molfetta, Milena Tipaldo, Andrea Zucchetti and many more. To enjoy the beauty of this wonder of industrial archaeology and see it come to life, all you need are a tablet or smartphone and the Bepart app.

MAR – Miniera Argentiera
Argentiera (Sassari)

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August 14, 2019