Mantua’s Light Art Biennale: light turns into art

Last July 21st, Mantua’s Palazzo Ducale lit up with works by the international artists taking part in the second edition of the city’s Light Art Biennale.

Installations by Donatella Schilirò, Federica Marangoni, Nicola Evangelisti, Massimo Uberti, Edward Shuster + Claudia Moseley, Marco La Rosa, Davide Dall’Osso, Romano Mantovani Boccadoro, David Dimichele, and Fardy Maes will interact with the Medieval and Renaissance façades of the Gonzaga residence until October 7th, 2018.

Vittorio Erlindo, who conceived and curated the event, eloquently explains the motivation behind this artistic initiative:

“Light gives shape and color to things, landscapes, environments, cities and people’s lives. The eternal rivalry between light and darkness is constant and will never end. In the brief history since man appeared on the planet, humanity has played a central role in a constant flow of inventions that now allow us to have light 24/7.”

“After centuries of studies and research to increase artificial light, however, we have now built a laboratory for absolute darkness: it seems to throw us back into the primordial darkness that scientists believe existed before stars ever fired up, and takes us back to the deepest origin of ourselves and of the universe. It is just another way to remember that, without darkness, light would not exist; and without light, nothing would have ever happened in the universe: both are inseparable essences of nature, essential to understand our contemporary age.”

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August 31, 2018

Mantua’s Light Art Biennale: light turns into art

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