Maiolica Artistiche in Deruta: beauty that grows over time

Maioliche artistiche Ubaldo Grazia, Deruta, Perugia

The first proof we have of ceramic making in Deruta, Umbria, dates back to 700 years ago, and Maiolica Artistiche has been making excellent maiolicas for five centuries. Its prestigious artifacts embody – and spread in the whole world – an ancient traditional craft, with roots and a long history in this beautiful town in the province of Perugia.

Centuries have passed since the ancestors of the craftsmen now working in the company’s workshop created their pieces in the Renaissance – using copper oxide for green and manganese pigment for brown. Their creations were destined to local aristocratic families and to the pilgrims on their way to nearby Franciscan destinations.

Today, products made by Ubaldo Grazia’s Maioliche Artistiche are regularly shipped overseas – often to proud owners in the United States – and have even been highlighted in major international magazines. “The Economist”, for example, ranked Maioliche Artistiche 13th in the world amongst family-owned businesses active in the world today.

After all this time, the beauty of these ceramic works of art is far from fading, and seems only to have grown stronger.

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February 10, 2015

Maiolica Artistiche in Deruta: beauty that grows over time

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