Luzzati’s “Il Dramma”

“Il Dramma” set the stage for new or almost unknown plays every two weeks. It was founded in Turin by Lucio Ridenti – pen name of Ernesto Scialpi, an Italian actor who quit performing in 1926, and focused entirely on his career as journalist and art critic – and published by “Le Grandi Firme”. It was completely devoted to theater.

Some of the plays it featured would later gain popularity, such as “La Venexiana” (an anonymous play from the 1500s, which inspired film director Mauro Bolognini to make the homonymous 1986 movie).

“Il Dramma” was directed by Ridenti until 1968, and didn’t shut down until 1983. Its covers and pages were graced by the works of various artists, including – in the 1940s and 1950s – the great set designer, animator and illustrator Emanuele Luzzati (Genoa 1921-2007).

The images in this gallery are a selection of the beautiful legacy Luzzati has left us, imbued of his fancy and of his skill.

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December 15, 2013