Luigi Ghirri and “Lotus International” on exhibition at Milan’s Triennale


The great photographer Luigi Ghirri (1943-1992) started collaborating with quarterly architecture magazine “Lotus International” in the early 1980s, inaugurating a relationship that lasted almost ten years, virtually until his last days.

This important and productive experience is now the focus of a beautiful exhibition organized by Milan’s Triennale, “Luigi Ghirri. The landscape of architecture”, which will be open until September 9th 2018.

This exceptional relationship was described in “Paesaggio e architettura nell’Italia contemporanea”:

“In 1982, Luigi Ghirri inaugurated his decade of collaborations with Pierluigi Nicolin’s ‘Lotus International’ with photographs of Aldo Rossi’s Modena cemetery during the winter. Ghirri’s shots marked a turning point in the relationship between photography and architecture, with a shift from auxiliary tool to independent theme, from documentary aid to point of view for interpretation.

The change was not just about newfound independence: it affected the object of representation and the methods used to tell its story. Photography gained a growing and crucial role in increasing the visibility of Italian landscapes and their transformations” (translated from G.Durbiano-M. Robiglio, “Paesaggio e architettura nell’Italia contemporanea”, Donzelli, Rome 2003).

Photos via: ©Gianluca di Ioia, © LaTriennale di Milano

July 30, 2018

Luigi Ghirri and “Lotus International” on exhibition at Milan’s Triennale

Palazzo della Triennale, Viale Alemagna, 6
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