Italian Stories: Luigi di Guglielmo, wood designer

My name is Luigi, and wood is my passion.

Out of love for this versatile and ancient material, after a long time spent studying and even teaching art, I decided to recover wooden artifacts – not only those that needed fixing, but also pieces that apparently were never useful to begin with. I give them new life, by transforming them into decor.

My personal mission is to turn the art of assemblage into a definite strength, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, collage painting and woodworking, evoking symbols and meanings that still express the heart and soul of traditional craftsmanship culture.

Come see me in my workshop in Alta Irpinia, in Calitri, a lovely small town in Campania’s inland. I work all day immersed in the countryside that surrounds this wonderful village, in a poetic workshop with a garden, olive trees and a small orchard. The view is quite particular too: neither fields nor plain, just soft hills under an amazing light. I constantly stop to contemplate it, completely enchanted.

But one day, inspiration struck. I took some old wooden boards and turned them into representations of this special landscape.

I think it is very important to be able to imagine, design, shape an idea and finally turn it into something real. Because if you can complete that process you are able to finish your journey, whatever it may be. I believe that is exactly what Italian Stories teaches to people who participate in our workshops.


Photos via: Emanuela di Guglielmo

November 7, 2016