Luggage labels from the Dolomite passes and stone prayers

Etichette da valigia dei passi delle Dolomiti - Dolomite passes luggage labels

We’ve reached the many passes in the Dolomites, and a series of luggage labels tells us their names: Falzarego, Pordoi, Carezza, Costalunga, Campolongo… there are so many! Some can be traveled by bike or by car, while others can be crossed only on foot – such as Forcella Lavaredo, right below the marvelous Tre Cime.

The Milanese poet Antonia Pozzi (1912-1938), only a few months before her death, wrote a letter to a friend of hers:

“And so, looking up, I thought what would happen to our souls if those white clouds that incessantly pass through up there each had a sound, a note, a song; a lower one for the slow, dark clouds, and a clear silvery one for the white ones. Perhaps at the time I had the clouds’ rhythm, the clouds’ voice ringing inside me like the symphony of an orchestra. Or perhaps it was the Tre Cime, standing there like a Gothic cathedral that has been sliced open by a lightning and opened wide by God, letting the scream of their stone prayers burst out.”

January 8, 2016