Luciano Pavarotti’s house-museum: where the Maestro lived


by Barbara Palladino

He played no less than twenty-nine roles in his career. Wanting to bring opera to the masses, he performed in great arenas and open spaces. His monumental artistic and philanthropic career created lasting synergies between his world and the world of pop and rock music, as the “Pavarotti & Friends” events well represent on the international level.

Luciano Pavarotti is certainly the most famous and important name of Italian music in the world, with 100 million records sold proving how much fans love him to this day.
The house where this great Maestro lived until his last years is now open to the public, and showcases all his memorabilia with the incredible energy he was known for as a tenor. There are sumptuous costumes he wore on stage, countless awards received during his stellar career, and even private letters he exchanged with friends such as Frank Sinatra, Bono or Princess Diana.

The house that tells the story of the man – not only the artist – and gives us a glimpse into personal passions, such as his love for horses. In the 1990s, Pavarotti built here a riding school and a stable, supervising the construction himself. Between 1991 and 2002, the villa hosted the CSIO international jumping competition, with some of the best riders in the world participating.
This was the home where Pavarotti welcomed friends, taught young singers, and most importantly enjoyed family life – for example, in the ample and cozy kitchen, painted a sunny yellow to reflect its owner’s vibrant personality.

Luciano Pavarotti House Museum
Stradello Nava, 6
+39 059460778

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Luciano Pavarotti’s house-museum: where the Maestro lived