Lorenzo Villoresi’s philosophy and perfumes

Lorenzo Villoresi, atelier profumi, Firenze - fragrance atelier, Florence

Lorenzo Villoresi is an expert in ancient philosophy with a great passion for fragrances. He has read Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Hegel, who all displayed some degree of mistrust for smell, considering it the Cinderella of human senses as regards knowledge and contemplation.

Villoresi, however, also certainly has studied the works of other intellectuals – such as Feuerbach and, from a different perspective, Nietzsche – who attribute a certain value to smell.

Villoresi has not just explored books – including his own, such as the essays “Il Profumo” and “L’arte del bagno” put forth by Florentine publishing house Ponte alle Grazie – but also various continents, including the Middle East, where he researched the world of spices and essences.

And like any self-respecting philosopher, he has meditated on the concept of technique and experienced the profound value of “making”.

So, at some point, he started creating fragrances, and founded his own studio in the 1990s, in Via de’ Bardi, at the center of the Tuscan capital.

A place where the atmosphere has the scent of ancient wisdom.

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May 19, 2016

Lorenzo Villoresi’s philosophy and perfumes

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