Longing for beauty at Villa Dosi Delfini

Villa Dosi Delfini was built in Pontremoli in the late 1600s, the fruit of Carlo Dosi’s desire for beauty. Dosi was a man of great culture with a huge passion for art, architecture and gardening; he entrusted his home’s decor to some of the most famous artists of his time, including Lombard architect Francesco Natali and Tuscan painter Alessandro Gherardini.

His dream became reality in the wonderful double-height hall – artistic heart of the Villa – where to this day you can see on the walls the three Parcae, the head of a poet with a laurel crown, allegorical figures, the Virgin Mary on a throne and a charming, life-size female figure. This is also where you’ll find an amazing 18th-century console table by Belluno-born wood sculptor Andrea Brustolon, famous as the “Michelangelo of wood”.

Another highlight of the Villa is the Billiard Hall, where the most precious paintings in the collection are showcased: the “David with Goliath’s Head Golia”, the “Sacred Allegory” and a portrait of “Dying Seneca”. The three large canvases, two from the Florentine school and one originally from Naples, are attributed to famous artists Francesco Furini, Alessandro Gherardini and Luca Giordano. Portraits of blessed and clerics from the Dosi family also hang on the walls.

Now, go ahead and enjoy a taste of the beauty Carlo Dosi so carefully created.

Pontremoli (Massa e Carrara)
Via Chiosi, 5
+39 331 8866241

Photos via:
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September 10, 2019