Italian Stories: Leonardo Laino’s beautiful mosaics

Leonardo Laino, artigiano mosaicista - mosaic artist

Leonardo Laino claims his birth (in beautiful Calabria), his education (in textile arts), and his past career (as a manager for a leading mosaic company in China) all contributed to leading him to his true “destiny”: mosaics.

His works are copies of famous works of art, landscape paintings, portraits, and stem from a passion that developed in the territory where he was born, a region where mosaic art has deep roots in Greek-Roman and Byzantine culture.

Over the years, Laino studied ancient art in depth and honed his composition skills with the most painstaking and refined techniques, including micro-mosaic, Palladian mosaic and mixed mosaic.

In his workshop, he creates decorative elements such as coverings, floors, fireplaces, carpets and ceiling roses; decor items for the home and garden, such as lamps, tables and mirror frames; and custom urban design projects for local agencies, with fountains, friezes, logos, decorative panels…

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April 3, 2017

Italian Stories: Leonardo Laino’s beautiful mosaics

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