Lancia Aurelia PF200 C Spider and Renato Rascel’s state worker

Lancia Aurelia PF200 C Spider di Pininfarina del 1953

In 1958, Renato Rascel sang a popular song – “Lo Statale” – about a broke state worker who definitely could never afford Pininfarina’s Lancia Aurelia PF200 C Spider, which we present in these photos: “Mangio solo caldarroste / senza riso e senza pasta… / chi ha mai visto un fritto misto… / Ho le scarpe tutte rotte / riparate con la latta…” (“I only eat roasted chestnuts / no rice nor pasta… / who’s ever seen fried fish… / My shoes are all broken / repaired with tin…”). A lifetime of his wages would not have been enough.

Presented at the1953 Geneva Motor Show, the Aurelia PF200 C Spider was born to the “Aurelia” family of cars made by the Turin-based carmaker between 1950 and 1958.

The Aurelia PF 200 range – including some seven models – featured a rounded front air intake that resembled the American F 86 Sabre fighter.

They were extraordinary cars, not meant for the regular market. One of them belonged to singer and comedian Renato Rascel, who – unlike his song’s poor state worker – could afford the luxury of beauty.

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November 5, 2014