Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti and the music of looms

Laboratorio tessile Giuditta Brozzetti Perugia

Giuditta Brozzetti (1877-1975), director of Perugia’s elementary schools, probably thought the noise made by looms was pure music. She heard it every time she went to work by carriage, travelling along the winding, countryside roads.

She often listened to that hum, like the murmur of a stream in the distance, and wandered off her itinerary to knock on farmers’ doors, asking to watch them work. She observed, fascinated, as they made wonderful fabrics, which she collected, kept, and displayed to the public.

The sound – or perhaps the music – of looms was an irresistible beckoning for her: in 1921, she permanently left her job in education to follow her passion for textile art. She registered with the Italian Craftsmen Guild and opened a workshop in Umbria’s capital city, focusing on hand-woven fabrics and traditional damask. She later founded a weaving school, giving a number of young girls the opportunity of a professional future.

Giuditta Brozzetti’s workshop and atelier are still open today. And the music of their looms is an evocative beckoning throughout the city.

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December 10, 2014

Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti and the music of looms

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