La Verde Art Park: starting is all that really matters

Parco dell’Arte La Verde-La Malfa, San Giovanni La Punta, Catania

The La Verde-La Malfa Art Park in San Giovanni La Punta, Catania, was born in 2008 based on one of Elena La Verde’s (1933-2012) intuitions. La Verde was endowed with an artistic vocation open to an extraordinary range of creative fields: sculpture, photography, painting, graphic design, installations and assembly.

Not to mention, poetry: “I opened the window too late / with gray hair… / … It’s hard for any life / to own oceans / with closed doors. / I opened them, one day / with diaphanous and chunky hands / and it was like picking up / shards of glass by the handful.”

The founder of this contemporary art park in Western Sicily chose these restless verses to introduce her autobiography: the story of an artist who graduated from Catania’s Fine Arts Academy at sixty, and who at that age began – “like a young girl ready to catch her blue cloud mid-air and start the journey of a lifetime” – an adventure full of surprises.

One of these surprises was this beautiful place: an open-air museum that is luscious with both vegetation and works of contemporary art.

So, no matter when, starting is all that really matters.

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July 15, 2016

La Verde Art Park: starting is all that really matters

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