Kozo Yano and the mysterious stone faces in Capo Testa

Kozo Yano, Capo Testa, Sardegna, Gallura

Kozo Yano believes looking is a simple and at the same time very important act, because “beauty can be anywhere, even in the smallest details of an apparently banal object…”

The hidden beauty of the rocks on the coast of Gallura, in northern Sardinia, for example, can be found in their bizarre shape, like deformed profiles of human faces. You need patience and passion to discover them, but there are a variety of granite faces on which the wind has sculpted expressionist traits over millennia: eyes overwhelmed by tiredness, a mouth that opens in surprise, two dark eyes widened in fear. A little further, the hooded head of a friar, or of an old bandit, who knows…

When asked who his masters and teachers have been, Kozo Yano curtly replies that his first source of inspiration is nature and always has been, with everything that is “behind it”: “I see a fantastic quality behind every situation – I see thousands of hidden mysteries.”

Born in Japan, he has lived in France for over thirty years working as a photographer, designer, art director and creative director for design and communication agencies.

For these photographs, he camouflaged in the wind that blows incessantly between the magnificent Sardinian cliffs overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio.

He did not linger on the aesthetics of natural architectures or on how best to photograph them: “When I take a picture, I don’t think too much: I look, feel, smell, and touch. Later, I’ll discover the beauty of nature and the form of a sculpture or architecture.”

After all, as he goes on, “Sardinia is a wonderful place, and an island hiding many mysteries, where some surprising things can be found.”

So here are the mysteries of Capo Testa, posing for Kozo Yano’s patient and passionate eye. How wonderful he was there to capture these images, and has kept and shared them with us.

To find out more about Kozo Yano’s work: www.kozoyano.com

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October 11, 2016

Kozo Yano and the mysterious stone faces in Capo Testa

Capo Testa (Olbia-Tempio)