Japanese fusion cuisine at Milan’s Cinquantadue

Soft lighting, velvet, wood paneling and gold touches: at Milan’s Cinquantadue, your Japanese taste experience starts from the eyes. On the edge of Brera, just a short walk from the Sforza Castle, the neoclassic venue – with two large street-level windows – welcomes patrons into a cozy space that is warm and sophisticated at the same time, designed by architecture firm Naos Design SRL.

The color palette gravitates around light and warm hues. The central focus is a large golden chandelier, created in collaboration with a Thai jewelry designer. When the weather is nice, outdoor seating extends the restaurant’s space.

In the kitchen, you’ll find sushi-man Sixia, who’s lived in Italy for twenty years. His signature style is based on care for ingredients and fusion flair, straddling Japanese classics and Western vibes. To fully appreciate his skills and talent, order the Omakase menu (Japanese for “I trust you”), which includes six dishes designed according to the season, the chef’s creativity and the client’s taste.

CINQUANTADUE – Taste experience
Foro Bonaparte, 52 – Milan
+39 3343627228

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May 24, 2019