Italy’s monuments on citrus fruit wrappers

Agrumi siciliani, incarto - Sicilian citrus fruit wrapper

Tarocco and blood oranges, lemons, mandarin oranges, and grapefruits from Taormina, Palagonia, Scordia, Lentini, and Acireale: delicious citrus fruits were some of Sicily’s best and most famous products. To make them even more appealing, they were wrapped in the beauty of Italy’s most famous buildings: Saint Peter’s in Rome, Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Milan’s Duomo, the Mole Antonelliana and Basilica of Superga in Turin, and – of course! – some of the most striking monuments in Sicily.

The wrappers even showcased a Viking ship and what was simply described as a “Russian church”. Why not? Sicilian citrus fruit were proud to travel the globe.

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March 3, 2015