Italian Stories: Roberta, the goldsmith artist

The craftspeople of Italian Stories are back: this month we visit Otranto, “Door to the Orient” looking out from the coast of Salento, to find Roberta Risolo’s workshop.

Roberta is a goldsmith artist and has had a clear vision of what she wanted to do since she was thirteen: she graduated from high school with a specialization in applied arts working in particular with metals and gold, then went on to further her education in Vicenza, homeland of goldsmith’s art.

“I inevitably had to leave my region to study, and missed it very much. At 30, I decided to come back to my city, Otranto, leaving a permanent contract and the life I had built up North to return to the warmth and folklore of the South, my family and my city!”

Returning to Salento allowed her to rediscover materials like olivewood and Lecce stone (a particular type of limestone), which she now includes in all her collections, recovering and interpreting the history and traditions of her territory.


Visit: create your metal and olivewood necklace

Photos © Alessandro Sicuro

June 26, 2017