Italian Stories: Martina, lacemaker in Burano

Welcome to Burano, the Venetian island known for its colorful houses. We are Sergio and Martina, brother and sister, and we started selling Burano’s typical lace in 1991. Some of our laces were homemade by the grandmothers and aunts in our family over the past four generations.

Our small shop turned into an atelier in a three-story building, where we also showcase a Collection of Old Family Lace in our own little Museum.

We focus on household linen and are proud to draw from the history and tradition of the island where we were born on, to bring out new collections that are a modern reinterpretation of an ancient art.

Visiting our atelier, you can see a demonstration of how lace is made by hand, and dive into a past when Venetian lace embellished the necklines and cuffs of all the most powerful people in Europe’s courts. You will hear the story of the Dogaressa of Venice Morosina Morosini Grimani, who in the 16th century used to give her aristocratic friends lace handkerchiefs, fans and stoles.

And you will discover why, in 1872, the School of Lace was founded on this small, beautiful island.



September 5, 2016