Italian Stories: Linda’s passion for ceramics

This article is the latest monthly episode in our collaboration with “Italian Stories”, through which we introduce our audience to Italian artisans who offer the opportunity to visit their workshop. At the bottom of every article in the series, you can find the specific links to the “Italian Stories” pages with information on how to get in touch with these amazing interprets of Italy’s best craftsmanship.

Since 2003, Linda Zepponi has been creating fine ceramics in the workshop she opened in beautiful Cagli, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Her passion for this craft flourished after she completed her studies at the Art Institute of the small Marche town, where she specialized in metal.

After learning so much about copper embossing, glassmaking and working with gold, her love for ceramics led her to apply for a decorative techniques seminar in Urbania, Marche, and then to study the subject more in depth with various apprenticeships at local workshops.

Linda’s decorations are geometric, refined and delicate – a style she developed over time: inspired by 16th-century Italian majolica at first, Linda has come to define her own beautiful, signature balance between classic and modern.


Foto di Annalisa Lever

March 6, 2017