Italian Stories: Iacopo, the interior decorator

I started my business in 1999, driven by a desire I have always felt to touch and experiment with materials. At first I opened a small shop and workshop on Sesto Fiorentino’s main street, where I created home accessories and design objects. Since I needed supports and firm foundations, I immediately started to work with wood. I also gained great expertise in techniques such as glass mosaic and gold leaf. Later, I opened a larger workshop and started branching out into interior decor and furniture, designing and creating my own projects as well working on others’.

Around 2003, I started to explore resins and shifted some of my craftsmanship to more artistic activities, with paintings and abstract installations based on the same techniques and materials I use in my work.

Nowadays, I like to blur the line between art and crafts. I use resins, glass, wood, paint, cement, metal leaves, sands… always invariably getting my hands dirty and creating new combinations.

I love merging new and old processes and techniques to produce original furniture, accessories, decor ideas, floors and walls.

My workshop is a place where ideas become reality, a place where sometimes I make useful objects and other times I create paintings or photos that have no function, if not – hopefully – to communicate a feeling.


Photos © Simone Ridi

July 4, 2016