Italian Stories: Eugenio Ligato, inside the workshop of a luthier

I named my luthier workshop “Chitarreria” to give it an original touch.

I make and renovate classical, folk and electric guitars right in the city center of Cosenza, Calabria. My job stems from my passion for creating objects endowed with a soul that can give pleasure and spark excitement – the same excitement I felt at sixteen, when I held my first guitar.

The same passion was at the base of my education: I studied in great depth the materials and techniques used by luthiers, working according to the great rules of the past while still being receptive to new technologies. Right after graduating from high school, I enrolled in Milan’s Civica Scuola di Liuteria, and from there began my adventure. I learned to always balance between craftsmanship, tradition and the use of machinery that can make production quicker and more efficient.

Once I completed my studies, I came back to Cosenza and opened this workshop – where I create instruments from the highest-quality materials, with great care for details and always listening to each musician’s desires.

The people who come and see me actually enter a world of measurements, cuts, and finally sounds. I like talking about my job and explaining why I do what I do. I think it’s important that everyone understands that a luthier’s work is not made of special secrets, but of great passion and skilled craftsmanship.


Photo © Guido Guglielmelli

December 5, 2016