Italian Holidays Vintage Posters

There is amazing beauty in the lines and colors that tell the story of a time of leisurely summer holidays in Italy. Some may consider this a “minor” art with mere commercial and advertising purposes, an expressive exercise mostly intended to promote a product for an audience of potential “clients”.

But in fact, these works – posters, postcards, brochures – mark an important moment in the history of graphic design. Most of them apply the academic principles and painting variations of 1900s art, and echo the taste and characteristic features of important artistic movements of the last century, such as the Bauhaus and Art Deco.
 Many were created by great illustrators like Mario Puppo, Vittorio Grassi, Mario Borgoni.

This series of posters is from the first half of the 20th century, when summer holidays gradually stopped being an exclusive privilege of the upper classes, after all workers had acquired the right to enjoy an “annual period of paid rest from working” in 1927.

Travel in Italy from city to city, through these selected gems.

December 13, 2013