Inside and outside Pisa’s walls

Mura di Pisa - Pisa Walls

Pisa’s walls were built between 1155 and 1161 – making them the oldest city walls in Italy to be almost completely intact – and are still a magnificent medieval edifice around the beautiful Tuscan city.

Although they might be less famous than other local sights, don’t miss the chance to visit them.

Architecture historian Cesare De Seta has explained “in their durability, the walls always connoted the city: until the beginning of the late Middle Ages, Pisa was not represented through its morphology and topography but as an empty space, enclosed in a walled perimeter.”

The walls are dotted with towers, bastions and most importantly doors, which in De Seta’s words “functionally define passages, where you can ‘go beyond’ something, and leave the ‘center’” (translated from C. De Seta, “La città europea”, Il saggiatore, Milan 2010).

These same doors also allow us to reach the center of the city, of course – because Pisa is, and always has been, both inside and outside its wonderful walls.

©Antonio Paradossi, ©andrea castelli

March 15, 2017

Inside and outside Pisa’s walls