“Il Borro”: a mix of old and new beauty for splendid relax

“Il Borro”, relais and chateaux, San Giustino Valdarno, Arezzo

The history of “Il Borro” – a relais and chateau luxury hotel in the province of Arezzo – started with a great engineer and military leader: Alessandro del Borro (1600-1656), who fought at the service of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, of the Venetian Republic and of Spain.

Borro was as valiant in war as he was knowledgeable in engineering, proving his worth in the sieges of Szczecin and Regensburg, in defending Prague, and in taking Zwickau. In “Storia della guerra di Candia”, Andrea Valiero states “he had few equals in his military career. The Republic of Venice deemed the whole year 1656 unfortunate because he died in Corfu, having been wounded during a battle at sea…” (quoted in “Archivio storico italiano”, Vieusseux, Florence 1869).

In 1644, the valorous worrier was given Il Borro by Ferdinando II Medici in thanks for his services.

Today, the mansion is still in good hands: purchased by Ferruccio Ferragamo in 1993, it has returned to its original splendor with a mix of old and new beauty that makes for a perfect, luxurious stay.

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August 21, 2015

“Il Borro”: a mix of old and new beauty for splendid relax

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