History and nature of the Porto Oasis

Oasi di Porto, Fiumicino, Roma

Near Rome, a peculiar hexagonal lake was created in the early 2nd century by Emperor Trajan, who entrusted it to architect Apollodorus of Damascus (also behind Trajan’s Column, Baths and Forum).

The basin was an integral part to Trajan’s Harbor, which between the year 100 and 112 replaced the one built by Claudius some fifty years earlier (jutting out more into the Tyrrhenian Sea, it was exposed to the elements and storms too much).

Currently part of the Fiumicino municipality, North of Ostia – the city who later became Rome’s major river harbor, on the Tiber’s estuary – it is now at the center of an important natural oasis, home to a huge number of bird, fish and plant species.

Photos via: ©Franco Mapelli, ©HappyLittle Caravan

February 24, 2017

History and nature of the Porto Oasis

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