Heller Garden: love, nature, and art

Heller Garden - Giardino Botanico Hruska, Gardone Riviera - Hruska Botanical Garden

Heller Garden is named after André Heller, born in Vienna in 1947. The internationally renowned multimedia artist, writer, and musician bought the park known as Hruska Botanical Gardens in 1989.

Arturo Hruska was a famous doctor (as well as a naturalist and botanist) originally from the Czech Republic; he fell in love with Lake Garda in the early 1900s, and purchased a 15,000-square-meter property on the slopes of Mount Lavino, in Gardone Riviera. Over time, Hruska transformed the garden into the wonderful park that is now home to 3,000 different botanical species, as well as a range of works of contemporary art – including pieces by Susanne Schmögner, Rudolph Hirt, Erwin Novak, and Keith Haring.

It is a wonderful, fortunate land that in the past century has not been owned, but loved.

Photos via: ©Massimo Albino, ©Biodiver, ©Elisa Clemente, ©maherw2, ©kebnekaise, ©thom trauner

July 24, 2015

Heller Garden: love, nature, and art

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