Grevi, a dreamer’s hat

Some say that dreaming of a hat is our brain’s way of hinting at the idea of rationality. Others say that if you dream of changing your hat you are about to embrace a totally new vision of the world and of life.

There are endless interpretations of human oneiric activity. But in reality there are hats you can touch, wear, hang carelessly, or forget in the office. Hats specific to certain jobs, hats for the sun and hats for the rain. Hats for daytime, or for elegant evenings out. Hats you fall madly in love with, certain you will feel that way forever.

The Grevi family has been making hats in Florence for four generations – since 1875, when ‘trecciaiole’ (“braiders”) still weaved straw according to traditional methods. Thirty years ago the Grevi Mode brand was born, and the company took on a new entrepreneurial structure that was rewarded with growing international prestige in the world of haute couture.

For over a century, Grevi has incessantly created exquisite hats, gaining an unparalleled level of skill and expertise in this craft.

If you ever dreamt of a hat, you will find it here.

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April 23, 2014

Grevi, a dreamer’s hat

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