Glories of the past in Antonia Sautter’s imaginative world


Antonia Sautter’s atelier – at the very heart of Venice, near Piazza San Marco – is a slice of pure charm. It is a world of precious silks, crystals, stones and echoes of a past much more glorious than we can imagine. It is a dream Sautter has brought to life while managing her namesake tailoring boutique for over thirty years. A place where she and her team create unique historical costumes using completely artisanal techniques: printing fabrics by hand, and designing and analyzing every little detail so the outcome can be outstanding and completely original. Her atelier now flaunts some 1,200 unique pieces.

Years ago, Sautter’s relentless search for beauty led her to launch one of the most exclusive and dreamy events in the Carnival of Venice: the Ballo del Doge (Doge’s Ball). Every year, guests from the whole world gather for a theme party – strictly in costume – to bring back the ancient glory and luxury of the past with today’s modern creativity. It is a truly unique opportunity to try one of Sautter’s creations, and dive into the past of the Serenissima for one, very special night.

Over the years, the atelier has specialized not only in sumptuous dresses but also in fine fabrics for interiors, precious kimonos, bags and footwear. Each piece is designed under Sautter’s creative direction, as she oversees production with the careful eye of someone whose work is always fired by passion. Her dedication contributes to the excellent reputation of Made in Italy in the world, and has made Sartoria Sautter renowned for high quality in creative research and production processes.

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Glories of the past in Antonia Sautter’s imaginative world

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