Giuseppe Pagano’s rationalist furniture

Giuseppe Pogatschnig Pagano (1896-1945) was an architect and designer of Istrian descent, and one of the leading figures of Italian Rationalism.

Among his most notable works are the Physics Institute of the University of Rome, Milan’s Bocconi University, and the interiors of Palazzo Gualino in Turin.

Pagano was also editor and director of “Casabella” and “Domus”.

He died in Mauthausen, in the concentration camp where he had been deported as a member of the antifascist resistance movement.

Like other artists of his time – such as Gino Levi Montalcini, Piero Bottoni, and Gabriele Mucchi – he focused on interior design especially in the 1930s.

Here is a selection of his best pieces.

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March 13, 2014