Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, art and odd noses

There is a “Laughing Game” in which participants are invited to make faces, sneeze, yawn, or chatter their teeth. There is a “New Game of Noses” featuring a surreal illustrated catalog of facial prominences with odd shapes and deformations. There’s even a “Truth Game”, warning you that minding your own business is always the best choice…

These are some of the incisions created by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (1634-1718), an artist from Bologna who – on top of making wonderful copies of masterpieces by Paolo Veronese, Annibale and Ludovico Carracci, Guido Reni, Titian and Tintoretto – in the 1680s started to make a series of etchings dedicated to “Games” based on dice, as well as “Months”, “Senses”, “Seasons” and “Parcae”.

They were something fun for anyone to look at, as well as fun to make!

Mitelli Gioco da ridere

"Laughing Game", detail

Mitelli "Gioco dei nasi"

“New Game of Noses”

Mitelli "Gioco degli occhi e delle bocche"

“Game of Eyes and Mouths”

Mitelli "Gioco del Turco"

"Game of the Turk"

"Gioco del Turco", particolare

"Game of the Turk", detail

Mitelli "Gioco della Fortuna"

"Game of Fortune"

Mitelli "Gioco della Signora Gola"

"Game of Mrs Gluttony"

Mitelli "Gioco della Signora Gola"

"Game of Mrs Gluttony", detail

Mitelli "Gioco della Speranza"

"Game of Hope"

Mitelli "Gioco della Verità"

"Truth Game"

Mitelli "Gioco della Verità"

"Truth Game", detail

Mitelli "Gioco dell'Aquila"

"Eagle Game"

Mitelli "Gioco degli Asini"

"Donkeys' Game"

Mitelli "Gioco di Madonna Bernardina"

"Madonna Bernardina Game"

Mitelli "Gioco di tutti i Giochi"

"Game of all Games"

Mitelli "Gioco del Cacciatore"

"Hunter's Game"


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