Giovanni Baccani: Italian heritage and a passion for tradition

In 1903, Giovanni Baccani opened the store of the same name on Via della Vigna Nuova, in Florence, inside the prestigious Palazzo Berardi. Although over a century has passed, time seems to have stood still in this fascinating and historical space. In 1959, Baccani was honored with the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica because he thought of making Christmas cards with artistic views of the city, helping Italy’s culture and beauty travel the world.

His company now makes all kinds of frames, in styles from Baroque to Renaissance, as well as chandeliers, boxes, prints and wooden objects of typical Florentine craftsmanship. The interior of the store speaks of its founder’s legacy: the decor is the original from 1903, with Renaissance-inspired vintage wainscoting decorated with Latin mottos in gilded letters, later covered with the fabric that originated the nickname “the blue shop”.

Over the years, the company has been managed by Giovanni Baccani’s descendants: first his son Umberto from 1946, then Giovanni – who introduced Medieval objects – from 1974, and finally Lorenzo, the founder’s great grandson. A traditional craftsmanship business that upholds the magic Made in Italy formula: the one based on quality, excellent heritage and love for the culture of our country.

© Giovanni Baccani

June 20, 2017

Giovanni Baccani: Italian heritage and a passion for tradition

Borgo Ognissanti, 22r