Gianni Piacentino’s “Vehicles”

Gianni Piacentino started creating his “Vehicles” in the mid-1960s. The first prototypes in plastic-covered wood and metal made by the Piedmontese artist (born in Coazze, in the province of Turin, in 1945) were soon included in exhibitions all over Europe, and now belong to the permanent collections of many museums – including Berlin’s National Galerie, Turin’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna, the Power Institute of Fine Arts in Sidney, and Reggio Emilia’s City Museums.

Piacentino’s Arte Povera sculptures overlook the natural and turn to the mechanical and technological aspects of our reality.

In an interview edited by art critic Achille Bonito Oliva, the sculptor talked about his passion for “building objects that are missing from reality and art history, in which mechanical and aerodynamic aesthetic elements appear”. “Obviously”, he went on, “the lack of functionality leads to a different perception compared to ‘real’, ‘working’ objects.”

Here is a selection of his creative “Vehicles”.

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February 20, 2014