Gianni Berengo Gardin tells the story of his Eternal City

The “Gianni Berengo Gardin. Roma” exhibition – the photographer’s first show to be completely dedicated to Italy’s capital – will be open until 12 January 2020. It is your chance to see 75 works by this master of photography, who was able to portray “his” Rome through squares, alleys, wonderful views and every little corner he found inspiring.

In each photograph you’ll find people – the people who live and bring to life the Eternal City: nuns, barbers, Cinecittà operators. “I take my photos over time, it’s a reportage. If they were postcard-worthy, they would probably be more popular. But instead of Roman architecture, I portrayed Roman people”, Berengo Gardin has commented. Each image has a caption written by him – when he was a child, and still had not picked up photography.

Amongst other stories, you’ll find out how the master first met photography, the art bound to stay with him his whole life. “The German troops that occupied the city demanded all weapons and cameras be handed in. But before I took my mother’s camera to the police headquarters, I shot two or three rolls of film around Rome, when it was already forbidden… I was terribly wayward as a kid!”.


Gianni Berengo Gardin. Roma
Open until 12 January 2020
Casale di Santa Maria Nova

Via Appia Antica, 251
00178 Rome RM

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December 17, 2019