Ghosts, music and light at the Pallotta Castle


All castles have at least one ghost haunting them, and the Pallotta Castle – in Caldarola, a small municipality in the province of Macerata, in Marche – is no exception. Luckily, its supernatural guest is kind and pleasant: according to legend, it belongs to a woman who suddenly reveals her presence in these gorgeous halls with the music of a flute or with beams of light.

The woman is said to be Maddalena Pallotta, a mid-19th-century descendent of cardinal Evangelista Pallotta, who had taken on the renovation and extension of what was an old 9th-century fortress in the 1500s.

Leveraging her prestigious ancestry, Maddalena was able to marry her cousin Giuseppe – whom she was madly in love with – despite him being in love with another woman. The painful consequences of this forced marriage, unfortunately, led the noblewoman to death at an early age and to the beginning of her spectral stay at the fortress.

The Pallotta Castle is also home to many real artistic wonders – which you can enjoy with or without the whims of this ancient ghost. Here is a preview in our gallery below.

Photos via: ©, ©Lorenzo Lambertucci, ©Maurizio

July 23, 2018

Ghosts, music and light at the Pallotta Castle

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